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“S4P” or “Sea, Sail and Surf for Parkinson” is an Erasmus+ Sport Project- Small Collaborative Partnership that was written in the period of Lockdown, in collaboration with 4 different partners from Italy, Spain and Turkey.

What’s the starting point of this project?

S4P Project’s idea comes from a series of considerations made by Mariolè Association together with Limolo Association that, for 8 years, has been running “Sail 4 Parkinson”, a local and innovative project addressed to patients affected by PD, using sailing activity as the main tool. That project combined traditional and pharmacological treatments with the physical, emotional and psychological stimulus that comes from contact with the sea and sailing, which is useful for strengthening defences  and improving the psychophysical state of each patient. The fusion between classic and alternative rehabilitation sports activities allowed patients a rapid recovery of skills and an awareness of their real abilities.

Taking into consideration project’s successful results at the local level, We made an individual research and we realized that there are not many sport organisations prepared to involve in their activities PD patients.  Later on, we have dealt with the same topic at the European level. We found out there are few examples of associations in Europe dealing with Parkinson’s patients, but none of them is specialized in sea sports. So, all involved partners ascertained that, unfortunately, sea sports clubs are not ready to help PD patients in their process of social inclusion and rehabilitation.

After an enormous work of research and project management, our team work has been recognised and rewarded! Throughout 1107 submitted projects under the Erasmus + Sport Action, only 315 projects were approved and accepted for funding by EACEA, the Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency.

We have foreseen so many interesting activities addressed to Parkinson’s patients!

Stay tuned and keep following us!

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