Here comes the turn of our project’s next step!

We are officially launching our online survey! 

During the first transnational meeting in Fuerteventura, which has been carried out successfully, all European partners participated in the review and approval of the online survey template addressed to people with Parkinson’s.

The Spanish Parkinson’s Federation (Federación Española de Párkinson) was in charge of preparing it, while other partners got the responsibility to translate it into their native languages.

Who can take the online survey and how?

People diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or parkinsonism who live in a European country, whether they practice sport or not. 

The survey mentioned above is available in English, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish on the following website:

or check out here:

It takes 10 minutes to fill the online survey and it will be available until the 31st of October 2021

So, what we want to reach throughout this survey?

The results of the survey administrated at the European level will give us large-scale information about which are there positive effects and benefits of sports, especially sea sports on people with Parkinson’s, and which are their needs towards physical activity

Due to “Unity in diversity” we want to create multilevel synergies and networks between sea sports clubs and Parkinson’s associations! Let’s work together on it! 

Leave your footprint on this project by filling in this survey! 

S4P’s partners met for the first time in Fuerteventura

The first transnational meeting of S4P project took place from 19th to 21st of May 2021, in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, with the participation of all European partners, local Spanish associations working with Parkinson’s patients and volunteers

The Sea, Sail, and Surf for Parkinson is a project funded under Erasmus Plus Program (Sport), aimed to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport by sharing good practices and knowledge about the role of sea sports, especially sailing and surfing, in the rehabilitation of people affected by Parkinson’s disease and by creating multilevel synergies and networks between sea sports clubs and associations dealing with PD patients.

Among the main activities to be carried out, there are also three transnational meetings, inside which specific activities will be held with concrete objectives to accomplish.

Despite all difficulties met during traveling, a lot of Covid restrictions, and caution measures to respect during organizing and coordinating those three days of meetings, we are happy to declare that WE DID IT!

The mobility was active, full of positive emotions, lots of activities and amazing outputs.

The first transnational meeting of the S4P project has been an excellent opportunity to get to know all the partners and the professionals from their different organizations. In the case of the Spanish Parkinson’s Federation, as the responsible organization for the online Survey on Sport and Parkinson’s, it was very satisfactory to work collaboratively on the finalization of the final version of the online survey. On the other hand, this first meeting has allowed us to learn about the good practices carried out by the other project partners and local associations in the field of adapted sport for people with disabilities. Finally, I would like to highlight the quality of the Fuertetribu Sports Club in the organization of the event, which made us feel at home and facilitated the teamwork between us. (Spanish Parkinson’s Federation)

What did we do during the three days meeting in Fuerteventura?

As we met in person for the first time, all the European partners presented their associations, talked about the project management features, reviewed and approved the Survey Template addressed to Parkinson’s patients, which in the nearest future will be launched in English, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

The next day the European partners, together with local partners and local associations, participated in the Live Streaming “Presentation of the Project S4P in Fuerteventura“.

During the entire third day, an OPEN DAY took place for people with movement disorders. Besides the representatives of European and local partners, local coaches, teachers, social/youth workers, and representatives and specialists of associations dealing with patients affected by Parkinson’s disease were involved in this open day. All of them took part in practices such as surfing, psychomotricity, and qi-gong.

This was the first time when, the representatives of all partners finally met in person after countless online meetings, since we started this extraordinary collaboration. During the entire mobility, we had a feeling just like we had known each other since a long time ago. It was so natural to discuss together our experiences and to carry out the first output of the project. The enthusiasm, the willingness to improve, and the life experience testimonies were the main features that made the event particularly motivating and exciting. The Open Day was the perfect conclusion of this “emotional journey” because it allowed us to better understand how water sports, in our particular case surf, are essential for the rehabilitation and well-being of disabled people, by experiencing it along with them. ( Associazione Mariolé)

In these three days we had the possibility to exchange good practices and proceed with the presentation of deliverables and results to the local community. We experienced surfing, psychomotricity, and qi-gong in the first person and we felt the positive emotions from the people with movement disorders who tried surfing.

We bring our sincere congratulations to our Spanish partner Fuerte Tribu for their hard work, great organization, amazing hospitality and atmosphere we found in Fuerteventura. Furthermore, we thank all our partners for their active involvement and interest in carrying out this project!

We are really happy and proud that we had the chance to organize the first transnational meeting on our beautiful island, in Fuerteventura. It is the first experience for us, as a partner in an EU sports project, but we are happy that we managed to organize the 3-days event, especially now in these hard Covid times. Each day was really interesting, in particular, the 2nd when each partner presented their organization and good practices. However, in our opinion, the best experience for all of us was on the 3rd day – the Open day for PD patients and people with disabilities that was organized at Playa Blanca, Fuerteventura. We asked all European partners to join our volunteers of Fuerte Tribu Surf Club and help with the sports activities on the beach. With the help of the local Parkinson association Fuerte es la Vida Parkinson No Limits we organized Psychomotricity, Qi gong and Surfing. It was an incredible experience as we shared different approaches to work with PD patients and people with disabilities. It was interesting to see how Neurologist Nicola Modugno and Physiotherapist Elena Garín Pérez were explaining how we should adapt our work approach to work with PD patients. I think we all have learned a lot from this experience. (Fuerte Tribu)

This is not the end, but only the beginning! See you next time in Turkey!

Here you have the most expected day of our transnational meeting! The Open Day!

The trainers of adaptive surfing addressed to people with movement disorders, specialists in Parkinson’s disease and the representatives of the local Parkinson association Fuerte Es la Vida Parkinson No Limits got together with Parkinon’s patients to carry out the Open Day organized by the FuerteTribu association, inside the first transnational meeting S4Parkinson. 

It was an exciting day fully spent on the beach, in an open space. The persons with movement disorders, parkinson’s patients and volunteers attended several activities such as  SURFING, PSYCHOMOTRICITY,  QI GONG. It was a real pleasure to see our ideas becoming real.

We remind that together with project partners of the Erasmus+ sport project »Sea, Sail and Surf for Parkinson» we want to share good practices and knowledge about the role of sea sports, especially sail and surf, in the rehabilitation of people affected by Parkinson disease. We want to create multilevel synergies and networks between sea sport clubs and associations dealing with PD patients. Its overall objective is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport.

After having dealt with several difficulties during traveling, a lot of Covid restrictions and caution measures to respect during organizing and coordinating this three days meeting, We are happy to declare that WE DID IT!

We bring our sincere congratulations to our spanish partner Fuerte Tribu for their hard work, great organization, amazing hospitality and atmosphere we found in Fuerteventura. Furthermore, we thank all our partners for their active involvement and interest in carrying out this project!

This is not the end, but only the beginning!

Keep following us to find out more! Do you know where our next transnational meeting will be held?

2nd Day in Fuerteventura

The second day concluded successfully!

Yesterday morning our international working team together with representatives of the local institutional partners participated in the broadcasting of the Live Streaming ” Presentation of the  Project S4P in Fuerteventura”.

Click here to See the Live Streaming

The meeting was held in both Spanish and English languages. If you want to find out more about the yesterday’s event, please check out the link of the Live Streaming here

What we talked about?

Each of the partners involved in the project, presented their own team and activities of the organization they represented. 

Furthermore, during the mentioned meeting, the good practices related to the topic of our project  were shared and the final version of the questionnaire addressed to Parkinson patients was presented. What about the formulary mentioned before… Keep following us! The E-form translated in english, spanish, italian and turchish will be launched in the nearest future! Your opinion is important for us! The participation of each will help to achieve the objectives of our project!

The first day in Fuerteventura!

Finally we meet! We are in Fuerteventura!

Today took place the big opening of the First Transnational meeting, inside the Erasmus Plus Sport project SeaSailSurf4Parkinson. 
The representatives of the european partners and local Parkinson patients got together in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, to participate in the Open Days which will take place from the 21st to 22nd of May.

See the agenda here:

Today, instead, our brave international team participated in the following activities: official opening, introductions and presentations, review and approval of the surveys addressed to Parkinson’s patients. The day was full of emotions, amazing persons to meet and beautiful places to visit!

We thank our spanish partner Fuerte Tribu, who is in charge of organizing this event, for great organisation and hospitality. 

Keep following us! Tomorrow will start the most interesting: live streaming event will be broadcasted, will be presented deliverables and results of the first phase of the project to local community and will be launched the survey. 

Register NOW!

Do you have parkinson or some sort of functional diversity? Do you know a professional who might be interested?

Submit the registration form we share here…/1FAIpQLSfohTh…/viewform…

Project Erasmus +Sport S4P will be held on May 21th and 22th in #Fuerteventura.

A day of presentation and talks at Popular University (stream via Streaming) and open house: surfing, Qi Gong and more sports activities from the hand of us and the association Fuerte es la Vida Parkinson No Limits

The specific objectives of this project are:

✅Sharing good practices and knowledge about the role of water sports, especially sailing and surfing in rehabilitation of people affected by parkinson disease.

✅ Create multi-level synergies and networks between clubs and water sports associations that take care of patients with EP.

And the main goal, to foster socialinclusion and equal opportunities in sport.

We will have all anti COVID measures and limited places!! STOP IN!

This video shows the OpenDay held in 2019!! This year more and better

OPEN DAY AT PLAYA BLANCA, FUERTEVENTURA (for PD patients and persons with disabilities)

Here we go with the first transnational meeting!

On Saturday, 22nd of May 2021, the spanish partner Fuerte Tribu is organising an Open day for persons with Parkinson disease and for persons with disabilities. With the help of the local Parkinson association Fuerte Es la Vida Parkinson No Limits they will organise different sport activities on Playa Blanca in Fuerteventura.


1st day: Together with project partners will be organized a presentation and approval of the survey template that will be send to people with Parkinson disease in order to analyse positive effects of sports and, especially, sea sports on PD patients.

2nd day: On the second day will be prepared a live streaming event where we will be presented deliverables and results of the first phase of the project to local community and will be launched the survey

3rd day: Will be organised an Open day for people with Parkinson disease and for people with disabilities.

See here the AGENDA and the whole article:

S4P in Live Streaming

 📢 Yesterday morning we’ve carried out the official public presentation of 👉🏻 “S4P-SEA, SAIL and SURF for Parkinson” in Live Streaming

The project S4P is co-funded by Erasmus+ Sport program and realized with the contribution of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Department of Education, Cultural Heritage, Information, Entertainment and Sport) and by the Foundation of Sardinia.

We thank our international partners for their valuable contributions: “Associazione Limolo” (ITALY), “Federación Española De Párkinson” and “Deportivo Fuerte Tribu” (SPAIN), “Ankara Sailing Club” (TURKEY). In addition, we thank the local partners:  Municipality of Cabras, AMP Penisola del Sinis-Isola di Mal di Ventre and Focus Europe for their support and intervention.
Furthermore, we also thank everyone who has followed the live streaming and invite to continue following us on our Social platforms and Blog

Presentazione Live Streaming del Progetto

Sapevi che gli sport acquatici e, in particolare, la barca a vela e il surf, possono essere di grande aiuto nella riabilitazione delle persone affette dal morbo di Parkinson e disturbi del movimento?

Il progetto S4P-SEA, SAIL and SURF for Parkinson, finanziato dal programma Erasmus+ Sport, la Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (Assessorato della pubblica istruzione, beni culturali, informazione, spettacolo e sport) e la Fondazione di Sardegna, è un partenariato di collaborazione mirato alla condivisione di buone pratiche e conoscenze sul ruolo degli sport acquatici, in particolare barca a vela e surf, nella riabilitazione delle persone affette da morbo di Parkinson. Il progetto intende, inoltre, creare sinergie e reti multilivello tra club di sport acquatici e associazioni che si dedicano al supporto dei malati di Parkinson e dei loro cari.

Clicca qui per vedere il Live Streaming

Il 24 aprile 2021 alle 11:00, l’Associazione Culturale Mariolé, insieme ai partner stranieri Associazione Limolo (ITALIA), Federación Española De Párkinson (SPAGNA), Deportivo Fuerte Tribu (SPAGNA), Ankara Sailing Club (TURCHIA) e i partner locali Comune di Cabras, AMP Penisola del Sinis-Isola di Mal di Ventre e Focus Europe, presenterà il progetto in live streaming!

Vuoi saperne di più? Attiva la notifica del live e seguici il 24 aprile alle 11:00 sulla pagina facebook di Mariolé”.


Today, 11th of April, is World Parkinson’s Day, which coincides with Dr. James Parkinson’s birthday, the English man who wrote the book “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy” and gave name to the Parkinson Disease.

Parkinson Disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects predominately dopamine-producing neurons in a specific area of the brain called substantia nigra. This disease is very diverse: its symptoms develop gradually from low to strong, and its progression varies from one person to another. PD patients may experience:

– Shaking, mainly when resting

– Bradykinesia (slowness of movement)

– Arms/legs rigidity

– Balance problems

Parkinson Disease’s (PD) causes have not been discovered yet. And, even though it does not exist a cure for this disease, its treatment is really important given the serious complications it may have.

It is possible to have a good quality of life with PD. Working with your doctor and following recommended therapies are essential in successfully treating symptoms.

From Mariolè Association, we want to give voice to PD Patients, and help them find a sportive treatment.

In order to do so, it has been created an International Partnership between our Association, and Federación Española de Parkinson (Spain), Club Deportivo Fuerte Tribu (Fuerteventura), Associazione Limolo (Sardinia) and Ankara Sailing Club (Turkey), to develop the Project SEA, SAIL AND SURF FOR PARKINSON that has been financed by the European Commission and that belongs to the Erasmus+ Sport Programme.

The Project’s main objectives are:

– To share good practices and knowledge about the role of sports (sail and surf) in the rehabilitation of people affected with Parkinson Disease

– To create synergies and networks between sea sport clubs and associations dealing with Parkinson Disease Patients.

Watch out for further news!

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